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We see our mission to put taste back into and start enjoying healthy food again. Phuket Organic Thailand is our goal, deliciousness is closely related to nutrition so clean organic food is a better choice for both your palate and your health! income tax on binary options in india

The number of people worldwide opting for organic is growing spectacularly. And…. there is a very good reason for this. (Especially here in South East Asia!)

From the many and frequently recurring Thai newspaper articles one can conclude that too many chemical residues are found on fresh produce sold on markets AND in the best supermarkets. Regardless of the great statements “Quality”, “GAP”, “Hygienic” etc.

Vegetables, herbs and fruits nowadays only look like food; it is organic food that brings the nutrition and taste back to like nature intended it to be.

” You are what you eat ” & ” You can’t detox with toxins “

Pura Organic Foods Ltd was established in 2010 and the first organic and healthy food distribution company on Phuket Organic Thailand

Pura Organic is a true gift in my life and I hope it will be for you too!

Ellen Hol
Certified Therapist Mind-Body Healing
Meditation” Teacher

Organic info from Thailand and around the globe

Pesticide intoxication

In 2015 Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health published: “There were about 49,000 to 61,000 reported cases of pesticide intoxication each year with morbidity rate between 76.4 and 96.6 per 100,000 populations (mainly in farmers and farm workers)”

“To reduce the intensive use of pesticides, it is an urgent need to promote the organic farming practices and search for the effective biopesticides or biological agents to control agricultural pests in order to replace the chemical pesticides.”

The report ends with:

In conclusion, a lot of pesticides have been annually imported into Thailand and the intensive use of pesticides certainly has consequences for human health and environments even though identifying the true extent of these is quite difficult. It is suspected that the current pesticide poisoning in Thailand is now underreporting and the chronic toxic effects related to pesticides are likely considerable. To reduce the intensive use of pesticides, it is an urgent need to promote the organic farming practices and search for the effective biopesticides or biological agents to control agricultural pests in order to replace the chemical pesticides.  Click here for full report

Sweden Organic up 40%

“The market research company Organic Monitor estimates the global market for organic food in 2014 to have reached 80 billion US Dollars (more than 60 billion Euros). how to trade binary options in india The United States is the leading market with 27.1 billion Euros, followed by Germany (7.9 billion Euros), France (4.8 billion Euros), and China (3.7 billion Euros).

In 2014, the Swedish organic market experienced an unprecedented growth, increasing by more than 40 percent – a remarkable rate for an already well-established organic market. This video might have helped making people understand that indeed chemicals will leave your body when switching to organic food and will do so in less than 2 weeks: Have a look at this short video”

Phuket Organic Thailand

Those offering food on Phuket and becoming aware of all this will hopefully one day not let budgets and money hold them back to offer clean and great tasting organic food to their guests. Tourists will love Phuket Organic Thailand as the #1 choice for wellness and healthy food.

Detox with toxins?

“A toxin is a poisonous substance that is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation.”

Simply put, toxins are harmful matter. There are many types of toxins, all with different and potentially detrimental effects.

Detoxing is popular and many on Phuket offer detox programs but instead of using residue free and clean vegetables and fruits (organic) chemical produce is used, unfortunately Thailand has a reputation of using way too many harmful chemicals). The amount of pesticide residues left on non-organic produce are considered unsafe for human consumption. Thus…. doesn’t it make sense to detox without toxins and use organic vegetables, fruits and herbs? Better be careful out there!”

Thailand’s Dirty Thirty+

Phuket Organic will it ever go from words to reality?

It’s all potentially harming

Industrial farming is focused on quantity instead of quality. Also in Thailand agriculture is mainly focused on more. To achieve these goals more chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are used. Many times way too much thereby increasing health risks by breaking maximum allowable levels.

A popular list in the U.S.A. is the “Dirty Dozen (12)” published by the EWG which lists the 12 vegetables and fruits produced with the most pesticide residues. Here in our beautiful Thailand, some claim an equivalent list should be at least the “Thailand Dirty Thirty”.

2 years ago Thailand, as the China’s second largest formulation export country, imported 92.8 thousand tons of formulations from China alone. The Thai MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) on individual vegetables and fruit rates are much higher than those seen in developed countries. Some studies showed these levels being breached on 100% of the specific vegetables tested.

Good agricultural practices (GAP) have not fully been implemented in Thailand, nor has a successful pesticide monitoring program.

binary trade in india The use of pesticides in agriculture has been linked with the occupational health of farmers, gardeners, and consumers!

Just be careful out there! Especially to the hundreds of thousands who visit Thailand to detox: “be very careful out there”, it has no use to detox with toxins, insist on clean and organic only (and check if this can be verified by proof as too many call anything from a farm ‘organic’).

Most western countries approach non-organic food carefully but they do say that this is not the case for vegetables, fruits and herbs from Asia. FYI, Thailand is the region largest buyer of chemical pesticides. You’d better be careful out here!


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