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Pura Organic is a true gift in my life and I hope it will be for you too!

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by Ellen Hol

As a certified therapist in mind-body healing, emotional and physical health have always been a top priority in my life.

Besides eating a very healthy and organic diet, doing 5 yoga classes a week as well as keeping my mind healthy and happy, I wanted to do even more for my health. I wanted to optimize my immune system, my overall health, my looks and maximize my energy levels as I am extremely passionate and committed to living my life as an expression of my full potential. Besides that, I am a strong advocate of disease prevention rather than cure; something which is in reach for all of us if we are willing to do what it takes to keep our bodies and mind healthy.


I therefore started doing overseas detox retreats from 2007 onward, usually 9 – 14 days once or twice a year. Later, I started doing 2-week detox juice fasts at home as well. Even though the results have always been good, they were strenuous at the same time and always left me quite hungry and lethargic. Although health optimization has always been my main goal in doing detox juice fasts because I don’t have any weight issues, nonetheless, I always enjoyed the nice side-effect of losing my last 2 kilos of stubborn belly fat during those 2 weeks that I had never been able to shake off without a detox fast. The downside however was that they always came back within a few months after the end of my detox fast.

Pura Organic Foods’ juicing

About 6 months ago, I started using Pura Organic Foods’ juicing fast program on a regular basis. The # 1 reason I chose Pura Organic is because they only use organic, locally grown fresh vegetables to make their juices. On top of that they are cold-pressed, which makes all the difference in the world compared to juices from an electrical machine as it heats the juices and therefore a lot of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients get destroyed during the juicing process. Besides, cold pressed juices truly taste so much better! Another great advantage is that Pura Organic always delivers the freshly pressed juices at my home every single day (even on Sundays!) without any additional charges.

Before I tried my first juice fast of Pura Organic, I was a bit apprehensive at first as all the juice fasts I had done before were based on fruit juices which taste nice and sweet and give you a lot of calories, so you (think you) won’t be too hungry. I assumed that doing a juice fast based on vegetable juices alone would not only leave me hungrier than a juice fast based on fruit juices, but would also taste a lot less. Well, I thought, trying never harms! I was flabbergasted to find out how mistaken my assumptions had been. To my very positive surprise, Pura Organic’s vegetable juices taste truly delicious and very, very yummy!!! In all honesty, I have never tasted vegetable juices more delicious than those of Pura Organic.

I daily make my own fresh vegetable juices from the organic vegetables I buy at Pura Organic, but the taste of my own made juices pale in comparison to those made by Pura Organic. They are a true expert in combining the right juices so that they not only give you all the nutrients your body needs but also taste delicious! And the hunger pains and lethargy I had experienced during my previous juice fasts, were totally non existing with the vegetable juice fasts of Pura Organic. My energy levels were not only at least as high as during normal eating days – I easily continued to do 5 yoga classes a week while feeling really strong – and at some days I couldn’t even finish the 7 bottles per day as I was too full!

I have lost more weight with Pura’s vegetable juices

I now order their juices on a very regular basis, about 3 days per week once or twice a month, or alternatively, 1 to 2 days per week. I have lost more weight with Pura’s vegetable juices in a much shorter amount of time than I ever did before. The pounds just keep shedding off, especially that small but so very difficult layer of stubborn belly fat which always used to come back in the past, but since my regular detox juice fasts from Pura Organic, my belly fat has disappeared forever. I now realize that the reason for this is that fruit juice fasts give constant high peaks in your blood sugar levels and have a very high glycemic index (G.I.). Fresh vegetable juices on the other hand keep your blood sugar levels very low and therefore your extra pounds disappear like snow in the sun.

My husband

In the past, I also put my husband on the fruit juice detox fast twice but I decided to never do that again as he felt really terrible, exhausted and so hungry that he couldn’t sustain it for more than a couple of days.

When I put him on a 7-day Pura Organic detox juice fast for the first time, he felt fantastic and full of energy. He loved the taste of the juices (and he is everything but a veggie juice lover) and lost 4 kilos in only one week. And he keeps asking me for more Pura Organic juice fast days! Over the last 6 months, he has already lost 10 kilos!

Mental health professional

Having worked as a mental health professional for 16 years, I always keep myself up to date of the latest scientific research findings in physical and mental health. For the last decade or two, mainstream science has shown that degenerative disease and overall physical and emotional health are to the largest extent caused by what we eat, how we think and how many unresolved baggage from the past we are holding on to, consciously or unconsciously. And new research and more proof is published every month in the leading and most prestigious medical health journals in the United States.

One out of three people will get cancer

It’s an undeniable fact that one out of three people will get cancer and one out of two people will get a heart attack at some point in their lives; about half of these people will die from it and the numbers are growing fast. And I am not even mentioning the myriad of other degenerative diseases like arthritis, headaches and migraines, inflammation, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, liver disorders, chronic aches and pains that so many of us suffer from. Why is this the case while these same diseases hardly existed 50 years ago?

The answer to this question is that first of all our western diet is a very unhealthy and toxic one and poisons our bodies rather than heals it; in fact, without most of us realizing it, a modern diet destroys our health. Of course, the media will do everything to convince you of the exact opposite and they spend millions of dollars to do so for the obvious greed factor and financial gain for their companies, which is a trillion-dollar industry. But as a health professional, I can guarantee you that packed and processed food products (basically everything that comes out of can, a bottle, a carton or plastic packaging) are the most detrimental to your health.

Secondly, we live under too much stress and don’t know how or are reluctant to deal with it. We live in a quick fix, instant gratification and fast food culture loaded with way too high amounts of toxins. The media and our cultural conditioning have brainwashed us and as a result we have adopted an instant gratification mindset and that’s exactly what the big corporations want us to have because it makes them rich and your health poor.

My motto: A healthy body and a healthy mind equal a healthy, happy, energetic and fulfilling life!

I have been a long-term and very satisfied customer of Pura Organic. First and foremost, because of their high quality and very good tasting organic vegetables. Secondly because they offer a wide range of organic super foods, organic eggs (where the free range chickens also only eat organic food! – try to find that anywhere else!) and many other non-toxic health products. The second reason I love Pura Organic is because they always deliver the fresh produce at my home without any additional charge. Without this option, working full-time running my own business, it would be impossible for me to find the time to go to their shop once or twice a week and bring a heavy load of their products home by myself. It would simply cost me too much time, so I am extremely grateful for their home delivery service. You just simply send them an email, give them a call or order through their website before 10am and they will deliver the same day.

The combination of what I eat (mainly organic, whole and fresh foods), how I think and deal with life’s inescapable challenges, combined with regular yoga and meditation practice, is my most reliable way to prevent disease, as well as the most rewarding in living a very healthy and fulfilling life, committed to the service of others.

My secret for looking young?

I am in my late forties, people usually think I am 38, 40 at most, and always ask me what my secret is to looking so radiant and 10 years younger than I am and having such a lean and fit body. The answer is very simple and contains all that I described above:

You not only are what you eat; you feel like what you eat; you look like what you eat and you will have the energy (or the lack of it) of what you eat!!

I did not achieve this just because I am lucky as many people like to think. The opposite is true. I was born with a very weak immune system, was constantly sick until I was 6 years old, was physically very weak till my late teens and suffered from many diseases and sicknesses until I started taking charge of my health since my early twenties. It took me more than a decade to test and find out what really works for optimum health and energy – and what doesn’t – and I can guarantee you that regular organic juicing and organic, fresh and whole foods are your best recipe to staying healthy, looking young, feeling great and having all the energy you need to do what you are passionate about and bring your gift to the world.

Pura Organic makes all of this a no-brainer

Pura Organic makes all of this a no-brainer. They do all the work for you. They are a passionate team of people who relentlessly work to bring you good health. What an incredible gift that is! The only thing you need to do is to drink their juices! That’s all! A regular 7-day fast once a month will give you incredible health and weight loss results, but even if you only do a juice fast one or two days a week, it will make a significant difference to your health, your energy levels, your longevity and your looks. And before you know your friends will ask you too what your secret is to your high energy, good looks, slim body, your inner joy and happiness.

Pura Organic is a true gift in my life and I hope it will be for you too!

Ellen Hol

Certified Therapist Mind-Body Healing

Meditation Teacher



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