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Our healthy food approach

We see our mission to put taste back into and enjoying good food again. We are about good food, we prefer organic if it exists and select items based on what we consider a good tasting product made by people who know what they are doing.

For instance, it is very difficult to find organic cheese but we love cheese and have selected cheeses which are made with love by artisan cheesemakers. We have almonds but not the organic ones as these are simply too expensive, but they are available through us and can be ordered if really wanted, the same for many products, best is to simply ask.

Simply organic is not enough

Pura thinks that simply organic is not enough, we not only select on organic correctness but also on quality. One can grow many organic products all over Thailand but produce improves in nutrition and taste when grown in a better environment

For instance, a tomato should be slightly sweet and actually taste like a tomato should, this is only achieved when it grows in the right conditions. And passion fruit which grows everywhere only tastes amazing when grown at altitude and in the right kind of soil.

Just a certificate is not enough we think

Pura selects organic products not only because the farm has an organic certificate or says it grows organically but also based on the farmer’s organic mind and heart (we visit most farms personally), on the environment where the farm is located, are neighboring farms using chemicals and, perhaps most importantly based on the quality of their product, does it grow in the right conditions, is it healthy, is it nutritious….

Kindly understand though that we can only do our best with the organic correctness of what we sell. (When people want to do wrong and they can… A poor farmer who grows organically but because of weather which caused damage to his crop might be tempted to generate some income for him and his family to buy non-organic from another farm to substitute for his products and send to us, this is clearly beyond our controls.)

Our healthy food approach

Back to healthy food…… Spinach is healthy by definition but lets’s be fair, spinach grown in poor soil quality is of less quality, less nutritious than spinach grown in healthy organic soil.

Most food, be it vegetables, herbs, fruits or basically everything nowadays only looks like food but, unfortunately, tastes like polaroid pictures. Organic food brings the taste back like it was intended and used to be because organic food grows in healthy soil from which it takes its nutrition.

Pura Organic Foods Limited, est. late 2010 endeavors to represent quality in the organic and healthy food scene. We are passionate about great tasting products. We will help you understand the value of eating natural, fresh, organic foods to improve your health and enjoy food again.

Pura Organic Foods Limited is a “one stop shop” for organic and health food products, servicing all kitchens with a wide variety of good tasting and healthy products. We buy and sell organic/healthy food for both the professional hospitality and the retail market.

Not all certified organic

As its impossible to have a good variety it is not all our products are certified organic, we also have organically grown produce and sometimes even chemical free (not my favourite but when there’s no other option a preferred choice over conventionally farmed produce) simply because organic is not available or too expensive that it doesn’t make sense. (all products are a better choice than those which are grown using excessive chemicals and pesticides)

In 2010 we started and we opened a small shop at what is today called UWC,d in January’12 we opened our first fresh farm shop. We are now located in Cherngtalay (on road #4025 near Red Chinese Gate with the dragons where Cherngtalay begins. In addition, we have an online shop:

Today we are located in Cherngtalay (on road #4025 near Red Chinese Gate with the dragons where Cherngtalay begins. In addition, we have an online shop: Pura Organic Online Shop, we deliver to your house (minimum order quantities apply).

In addition to the healthy organic assortment we sell organic dairy, we have our own homemade yogurts and ice creams, we have a large assortment of super foods like spirulina, chlorella, goji, chia, maca, wheatgrass (and much more) as well as a selection of vegan protein products. We have recently started selling truly delicious sourdough bread (like bread is supposed to taste).

Pura also offers the service of weekly fresh organic boxes, available through its home delivery service, these can be fit to the specific family situation.


We are extremely proud of our latest product range, Fresh Organic Juices, and Juice programs: detox, weight loss, base or your own choice. All freshly made with daily delivered fresh produce from the farm. Using a slow/cold press juicer leaving an abundance of minerals and vitamins to help you achieve your goals. Our juices are made with only organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits, when not available we do NOT replace with chemical stuff but replace with alternative organic vegetables.

It simply does not make sense to do something healthy using unhealthy chemical and pesticide-laden produce, “You can NOT detox with toxins!” You have to use clean organic products for it to work for you.


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